Past Events

Taste of Douglasville May 19, 2018

We meant so many new people, everyone was kind and kept coming back to try different flavors.  Serving thousands of people and I am still having fun. 

Sweet Auburn Festival May 12, 2018

It was super busy and hot serving thousands of people. Our Ice helped many people stay cool, even me. 

Sweet Auburn Festival May 13,2018

The best part of today was meeting new customers who were my age who really enjoyed our mango dream, green fart, superman and pinky. 

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Our Customers


Pinky has a Strawberry /Lemonade taste that is made with real strawberry's 

Dream Mango

It is what it is nothing more than real Mango


This flavor can get you flying through your day with a smile

Ice Cream Festival

Here dad! Have some blue raspberry smurf

Peach tree peach

Real fruit from the south

They liked all the flavors

They could not have just one